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Hi from Bolton  


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28/08/2019 11:09 am  

Hi from Bolton

I was Googling finishing info and was led to this site, I have joined so I can pick peoples brains about building and finishing guitars. 

I'm not at the stage of building from scratch but have a kit being made by Musoo in China, not sure what quality parts I'll get but it will be a 57 Les Paul Junior style. Fair play to Musoo they didn't have anything just like I wanted and they said they would make it and send pics before shipping! Fingers crossed it will be OK. 

I expect it will need fretwork but that doesn't worry me (yet).

I'll probably do a build thread when it arrives as it will likely be the best way to get input and advice from others: )

All the best


mark bailey
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29/08/2019 8:51 am  

Cheers Simon and welcome!

Building from scratch is probably not as hard as you think - but you will likely need to get some tools etc...a kit like you are doing is not a terrible way to get started - good luck!

We will do our best to help you out - any problems just ask...


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