Hi from Worcester!
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Hi from Worcester!  


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01/08/2020 3:14 am  

Hi all, stumbled across the videos on YouTube so thought I'd join the gang! Been hobby building for about twenty years, nothing special, mainly teles, strats and the odd bass. Had to stop about five years ago due to health issues but I've just finished building my workshop and getting tooled up, ready to start building again. Sticking to what I know for this first one, sort of a mash up tele cabronita/snakehead, haven't quite decided yet! Anyway, great to be here, thanks for having me.

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mark bailey
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01/08/2020 12:40 pm  

Sounds like a plan! Keep us informed and make sure to let us know if you need anything - glad you like the livestreams -CHEERS!

Measure twice, cut once...

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05/08/2020 7:46 pm  
Posted by: @mickcarr

Been hobby building for about twenty years, nothing special, mainly teles, strats and the odd bass.

Basses are quite often “odd”.  Think it’s something to do with the people that play them.


Online guitar making courses – guitarmaking.co.uk

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Bill Flude
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06/08/2020 2:51 pm  

Hi Mick - you are quite close - I am about 4 miles from M5 junction 13 - Alan is about 3 miles from me and Dave is near Tetbury - maybe we could arrange a socially distanced meet at some stage to compare experiences.....

Measure once........
Measure again.........
Sod it - make tea!

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13/08/2020 11:06 am  

and a "Hi" from down south in sunny Wimborne.

It took me a while to make all the clamps but I got there in the end. Making the Bailey Bootlegger was a doddle owing to the brilliant videos and community support. OK, I got quite a few things wrong and made loads of mistakes, but I now have a guitar that I made myself.

I've been busy in the shed with projects many and varied and realised that I hadn't popped in for a while..... so welcome


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