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New member from Utah, US.

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I'm Griz, I live in Utah and I've been building guitars off and on for about ten years. I've been a woodworker my entire life so this was just a small excursion from my usual activites. I got started building guitars so I could have the guitar I wanted to play. As we know, they're like cars, if you're too particular about the features, the price goes up and up. My favorite guitars when I started this were Carvin guitars, especially their bolt neck strat-a-like. My first build was a kit from them. After a few others to refine my skills, I ended up building the guitar I wanted for my music, which included Carvin maple/ebony 12" neck, mahogany solid body (shaped like a Firebird, not that that matters), TOM/Stop, two humbuckers (PAF/JB not that I put any great stock in that particular combination). Those are the things that are important to how I play. I gigged with that ax for a few years and was content. Over the pandemic I've had the opportunity to start building again in a much better shop and my output has increased. At this point I'm on the hunt for good, inexpensive parts and that's what brought me here. Looks like there's centuries of wisdom and experience available on the forums and I'm looking forward to taking it all in.

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hello from Texas! I’m pretty new here too, but I’ve found this to be a great community so far!

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@grizmayhemgmail-com Welcome! Yes, you can ask about anything and get great suggestions in this friendly forum.

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Greetings! Looking forward to see more of your builds within the forum.. 😊 

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Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you will find the help and advice you need among the members and, with your experience, you’ll be able to share that with others. Look forward to seeing some of your work, past and present.



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Welcome @grizmayhemgmail-com. You'll get all the help and advice you need here but I'm sure you've got a wealth of skills that you can help us with. Enjoy the ride. Cheers


🗝️ "Life's what you make it"🗝️

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