First classical build  


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21/01/2019 9:57 pm  

Earlier this year I’d just finished a build of a 1956 (year of birth) style Tele, when Mark completed his acoustic build course and I decided it was something I really should try. My plan was to build a classical guitar with a 12 fret join, thinking that the nylon strings would exert less tension and so make the build more forgiving. While that may be true, I would recommend that folk follow Mark’s course to the letter – because he knows what he’s doing and we (or at least I) don’t. I was also learning from the Bogdanovich book on building classical guitars. This is a truly wonderful book (even if you only look at the pictures), but assumes a higher level of skill and experience than I had. And this book’s approach differs from Mark’s (e.g. joining the neck to the body), so there were times when I was drawn in conflicting directions. For your first acoustic build, do Mark’s course – and follow it to the letter.

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