Internal Structure



Acoustic Guitar Anatomy – Internal Structure

Here are the key internal parts of an acoustic guitar:

  • Back – Ladder bracing
  • Front- X Bracing
  • Upper Face Brace
  • Lower Face Braces
  • Finger Braces
  • Soundhole Braces
  • Bridge plate
  • Centre seam reinforcement diamonds
  • Upper Transverse Graft
  • Heel block
  • Tail block
  • Kerfed Lining
  • Back Graft

You don’t need to do anything just yet

This is just to introduce you to the internals – I will be going into a lot more detail about each individual part in the following videos when we are making the actual design.

Left Handed

The bracing for a left handed guitar is identical except for the ‘Lower Face Braces’. These are the only ones that are ‘handed’. Don’t worry – I will be showing you exactly how to draw them out in the next section.


In the following sections I will outline various options for each part of the guitar – please let me know if you have any questions or would like something to be added to the course.

More Options!

If you would like more info on individual elements, see the bonus video – this section also contain a few extra options which are not recommended for your first build.

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