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  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Rosettes"3 days, 21 hours ago


  • So, I’ve been practising making a chunky rosette, made from maple floorboards.I have 12 wedge pieces all glued together, and have just been drum sanding that, before proceeding to routing the final circle shapes on internal and external aspects.What thickness…   Read more»

  • Been thinking hard about how to radius the wood.Don’t fancy the router jigs out there.Here is a great design, that I have replicated from LuthierSupplies.com.It’s a 12″ radius, built by the seat of my pants… Does anyone have any words…   Read more»

  • Hey gang,I just ordered a StewMac circular saw blade for fret slotting, as well as a fret scale template to make a jig.I can’t find an answer to wether I can fit it to my Festool TS-55 ? (I haven’t yet…   Read more»

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "GLUE"3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Thanks Darren.Seems like a great analysis. However, a doublebass is even more massive!Go Titebond then!

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "CNC"1 month ago

    My work place has become electronic, so now all health records are on computer and the whole hospital is madder- and unsafer- than ever. People have lost all their organisation skills and communication between human beings is redundant. Patients feel…   Read more»

  • syntholabo posted a new topic "GLUE"1 month ago

    There are a range of opinions about the importance of glue choice in luthiery.Speaking to violin makers, they are adamant about using hide glue. I understand that it affords for easier dismantling in the future, but their attitude towards it’s…   Read more»

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Drum Sander"1 month ago

    Yeah that abrasive stuff is magic – been using it on belt and spindle sanders very effectively.I will downgrit to 80, especially having ruined the 150 grit this weekend on an old cedar garden bench – doh!—Have you ever tried…   Read more»

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Drum Sander"1 month ago

    Fired it up today, after UK plug change… I ruined my first roll of p150 >:(2 questions came to mind, as I contemplated the build again:- Do you join the tops and backs before doing any sanding?- I never thought…   Read more»

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Curved Chisel"1 month ago

    Amazing- thanks Mark.I will send onwards, and mention Bailey guitars, so anyone emailing them can refer to this when requesting one.  

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Drum Sander"1 month ago

    Hehe fun times.The good news is… it’s 240V at 10amps so perfect for more than almost anywhere.The bad news is… it came with an australian plug!… and I need to upgrade my shop extractor to 750cfm airflow. 

  • syntholabo replied to the topic "Drum Sander"1 month ago

    Here goes[attach]825[/attach]  

  • Some progress here gang:Ben Crowe (Crimson guitars) at VintageToolShop.com is willing to make some of these chisels next week after NEC show they are attending.I said to admin Saffy on email that there may be more orders if others see…   Read more»

  • That’s really nice!Shame you have to plug it in 😉

  • I just got a bigger one delivered this week from ebay. It’s a long straight blade, but the handle shaft is offset, which isn’t what I wanted, even though it was listed as ‘curved chisel’.I’m wondering if a blacksmith could work…   Read more»

  • From Baileigh today:“I can confirm for the UK it is 240V, the specification was showing the US version.Sorry for any confusion.”Game on.

  • It may well still do! My electric technician- who does all my syntheziser maintenance, thinks they have made a listing error- and probably sell a european version at 220V. I will ring them tomorrow and check.Also, don’t worry about the…   Read more»

  • hmm- I’m finding it difficult to find something rated at the right current output. MOst things are up to 16A>:(The Baileigh manual states:SD-174 Power 110V / 60hz / 21AMain Motor 1.5hp (1.1kw) Anyone have any suggestions for a suitable transformer?

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