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Live 1pm Today - Don't Miss!!!

mark bailey
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Packed livestream today:

Making an Acoustic Guitar - Upper and Lower Face Braces, X-Braces - BONUS: Making Benches...

Its guitar making...its live...Bring your best Q's!

Measure twice, cut once...

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Great to see you carving braces like something possessed @Mark Bailey. 

Today was a Bench-Mark!?!

RE: Cracks & Splits.

Inherited quite a few acoustic guitar tops,  backs and sides, some part built.

In 1980s/90s Chris Eccleshall had a number of Japanese students who ran out of the time needed to complete their 3rd/4th guitars - they have been moved from storage to several workshops, as Chris moved several times in subsequent years. 

I was hoping to get you to give them a once over with a critical eye. 

I'll try and attatch a really short video showing

1) Crack on Side joint (moved many times, so must be trauma.

2) Split on top centre joint (Possibly humidity changes over several moves.

Any sound advice welcome 




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