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[Solved] Four piece acoustic back.


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I have acquired a really beautiful exotic ebony back and side set. Just joined the back and all is good but it came in 4 pieces. My question is do you need to use three centre seam strips ? One for each of the plate joints. I'm not sure if Mark is monitoring the community atm otherwise I'd send him an email or call. Anyone else come across this ?


I would say yes to the seam back graphs going up. There was ... I believe ... a live stream that mark talked about that and he showed a 3 piece back he had and it had two back graphs in it. It would just make fitting the ladder bracing a little more involved. Put a picture in when you have it done so people could see it. 🙂

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Posted by: @mikeyrjiom

do you need to use three centre seam strips ?

Hi Mikey, If you mean the cross grain reinforcements on the internal side of the back then I would certainly recommend that you do this for all of the joints. It might make fitting the cross braces a bit more fiddly but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Thanks for the quick reply @darrenking  I thought as much so will need some more bracing pieces then 🙂

Hope all is well with you