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shiny or not that is the question


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just about to apply my top coat I really would like a satin finish. 

if it was matt i would leave it! but if its gloss I can polish it has anybody ant tips on whats best for a satin finish 


A coffey 👍 

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Hi @alancoffey,

I love a satin finish, it can just look so much less bling than high gloss and on the right instrument it looks great. I made a nylon strung Maccaferri and I can’t even remember what lacquer I used and I don’t think it would have mattered so long as it wasn’t dead flat. All I did was give it a final buffing with a compound about 4 steps away from gloss. This achieved a beautiful uniform sheen, not matt, but certainly not gloss. I can’t remember the grade of polish I used but I will try to find it tomorrow and let you know (I think it was a 250?)



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Thanks Darrenking

your guitar sounds incredible 

info is really helpfull.

this is my first build so ive neither done a gloss or matt as yet

although I am able to follow Mark down the matt finish route.

pretty much no knowledge regarding gloss finishes so mention of compounds and buffing well cant wait to have a try.

Mark indicates he intends doing a section on applying a gloss finish in his bounus section. not there as yet! 

so any links for this process would be welcome , yes what compound would be really helpfull.

cheers Darren 👍