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I wasn't sure where to post this; I'm trying to order a neck blank on the site, but the 'required' field - "Country/Region" will not let me input anything. Therefore I can't complete the order. I've tried three different browsers. 

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Hi Frank, Send Carol or Mark an email. They'll do all they can to help. 


🗝️ "Life's what you make it"🗝️

I can’t get through to anyone via email.

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It’s working now


Sorry Frank - Brexit (wish I was joking!)...I believe Carol has emailed you 🙂

Measure twice, cut once...

@markbailey Brexit! Sh!t it!

I know Brexit sucks but I’m getting violin supplies from Germany VAT free cause the system is such a mess

@rocknroller912 Wow! One positive. Good for you, it won’t last. Enjoy. 👍