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Truss rod length for bass


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Hi, I am watching the build a neck course. 

I was wondering about choosing truss rod lengths - there seem to be a few to choose from, looking to start from 610mm, and starting from a precision I have at the side of me, fingerboard side of nut to end of fingerboard is 600mm, so I am guessing it extends under the nut?
I'd also prefer to build with adjustment at the head end - what do I need consider there?



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Headstock-Parallel or Angled?

#of Frets on the fretboard?

Truss rod channel routed from back or top of neck?

Bear in mind that on a 34 inch scale lenght bass such as a P-Bass. From where the nut starts to the 21st fret is 580mm. 

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Routed from the front, FB over the top.

That distance is what's bothering me. Where I can see a length specified, where it's labelled as bass they seem to start at 610. That looks long for mounting either way round in a fender style neck.