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Truss rods for bolt on basses  



Hello folks

I know Mark doesn't recommend making a one piece maple neck too early in the game so I thought I'd start with a one piece maple bass neck - what can possibly go wrong eh?

As far as the truss rod goes.... can I make a longer version of the one we made in the acoustic course?

Does the slot have to be curved if a 2 way rod is used or is that just for a one way truss rod?

Can a 2 way rod be fitted from the back under a skunk stripe?

As there'll be a million miles between the neck and the pickups I could have the truss rod adjuster on the heel of the neck ... is that better / easier than a headstock adjuster?

Is 5mm bar still ok for a bass truss rod?

Any truss rod wisdom gratefully received 

Many thanks 

Confused from Truro 

4 Answers

I can maybe cover this on next Workshop Weds if you can wait that long?

Measure twice, cut once...


Of course I can wait mate. But I thought you had plans for the upcoming vids. 

But if you can there's no rush as I'm working next Wednesday and Saturday- would rather watch that live if poss 😉


OK - Give me a weeks notice...I'll see what I can do!

Measure twice, cut once...

That would be awesome!
How does 19th, 22nd or 29th August sound?