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Truss rod nuts


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Are these specially made for truss rods or is there a cheaper way of sourcing hex nuts? I can't seem to see them for less than about 4 or 5 quid each. 

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It is the 'Hex' part that cost the money - not so easy to make...I do not know of an alternative. I know there are better looking ones but ours are usually hidden...If I did this more often I might try and source 'bullet style' with a rounded end - but they work just fine. I forgot to mention that I would advise using a brass or plastic washer as it makes adjusting the rod smoother and protects the end of the larger hole (helps stop the nut pulling through into the slot).

Let me know and I'll ask Carol to add one to the list for you

Measure twice, cut once...

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Thanks mate,

I have bought a bullet style nut - just wondered if they were used anywhere else and were mass produced.

Thanks for the tip about the washer..... makes mucho sense ?