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Hi Mark, great looking website! Looking forward to hanging around here...

Just one question, I can no longer access my purchased courses. How comes?

Say hi to Carol!



Measure once, cut straight away and maybe you're lucky......


Hey Edwin, my account isn’t showing that I have completed two of the online courses any more. Haha.... I did the “Design your own Guitar” and “Build your own Guitar” courses about two years ago. Oh well, I’ll just have to do them again to earn my certificates. I guess the new website didn’t carry over all the data from the old one, I’m sure it will all get sorted out. 

What are you working on at the moment?


Carpe Diem and build your dreams

Hey John - what courses did you have marked as completed? I can probably fix that in the back end...let me know if you want and I'll take a look 🙄 

That’s better, I can comment again now. Cheers Mark. 

Hi John, no project at this moment as my building is mostly an outdoor activity. I.e. just a small garden shed full of bicycles for a workshop......

But a month ago I overhauled my first byo Bailey (2006). I sanded of the oil, grain-filled the wood and sprayed it with 2k laquer. Looks fantastic!!

Your guitar sounds great, I’m glad you like it. I spray mine with auto 2k clear coat too. I am also very tempted to grain fill my Bailey Bandsman and lacquer it or I might make another one. 

I know what you mean about not having much room to work in, I have a good size garage that I use as my workshop but it is so cluttered with other stuff, it gets on my nerves. I am a gardener (self employed) so I have all my gardening equipment in there too, I need to build a big shed to keep it all in. 



Cheers Edwin


Yes - Don't worry - anyone who has lifetime access will not lose out and AAA members have become 'premium' members at the same rate they were paying previously.

Please bear with us while we get it all sorted out - thanks!

Measure twice, cut once...


Hey Edwin - Carol's going to email you...

Measure twice, cut once...


Me too. I finished the Acoustic Course!


I haven’t done the online acoustic course yet. How did you get on Mike?


Hey Mike! Glad to see you on the forum - just seen your comment

If you would like to mark your course as complete please upload some pics of your guitar here:






Hi Mark, just received notice from Carol; problem solved! Thnx!!

Measure once, cut straight away and maybe you're lucky......

Glad you got sorted out Edwin. What guitar are you working on at the moment? I’m building a Telecaster.