[Solved] Fretboard slotting fun  



Hello, 'ello

Thanks for creating and posting amazing videos and content, they've proven to be absolutely brilliant and are my main reference for all things luthiery.

I'm feeling a bit more bold in my luthiery endeavours and would like to replicate the fret slotting machine you've built here. Since it's a fine and intricate process to cut the fret slots with the power saw, I'm guessing it's certainly not quite as simple as sticking some draw runners on a power saw with the right blade and hoping for the best. With that in mind, might I ask how you built the aid for it, please? I'm probably being dippy and not seeing it in any plans or PDFs on the site. Thanks for reading and have a lovely NYE celebration.  ?

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Thanks Joshua

Really glad you are enjoying the courses - makes it all worthwhile to hear that!

If you want to make a fret slotting machine like mine you will first need to find a cheap table saw to adapt.

Mine was the cheapest available and came with a  5/8" spindle. I got the special fretslot blade from Stewmac:

(wow prices have gone up!)

I am using LMI Fretslot Patterns

FYI: It was a long time ago when I bought these - they have served me well but I'm not sure they are the same quality now. I bought mine when they were claiming .0001" accuracy (unless my memory fails me) - now they are quoting .002"

 If I was to buy again I'll go for the Stewmac Fret Templates more likely....

Once you have the Table Saw and the Blade AND the Pattern/s then it is easy to knock up a jig...

When you get to this stage let me know -  I'll definitely add this as a request for a video - Cheers!

Measure twice, cut once...


Thank you, Mr.Bailey!

I'll give you a shout when I get there. I reckon it'll be a couple of months (still need to finish setting up the workshop alongside uni bits) . 🙂