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Nut position on glued on and bolted on neck

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In the course Mark says that the nut on a glued on neck is positioned at the fretboard end whereas on a bolt on neck it is positioned after the fretboard. Why is this?

NSJ 04/11/2023 2:10 am

@nortski I think there's a bit of confusion here, basically if you look at say a les paul or prs they have the nut at the end of the fretboard. I think Mark calls a bolt on like a fender style neck where there's a slot in the fretboard for the nut. Fender style is taking a flat board to make the neck with no headstock angle. The end of the fretboard is shaped down into the headstock if you see what I mean.
Personally I'll do an angled headstock for bolt on , glued in or neck through so always have the nut at the end of the board.

nortski Topic starter 04/11/2023 12:41 pm

So is it just personal preference in the end?

swepri 04/11/2023 1:13 pm

@nortski In the end it will be personal preference of course, but there are practical reasons too. The way Fender does it allows for a nice transition between the fretboard and the top surface of the headstock (while securing the nut). It is relatively easy to make the transition radius.
With an angled headstock it is more straightforward to just make a flat surface for the nut at the end of the fretboard, and the headstock just "falls away" from the nut at that point.