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So Far So Glued

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My first scratch build has been progressing very slowly but surely and I think I reached a major milestone today getting the neck glued in.

This is the third time I’ve glued a neck in and you’d think it would be a breeze but, I must say, there was more than a little tension felt this afternoon!! My lovely assistant (the wife) says she could smell the fear!!🤣

Anyway, now that’s done, I think I might make a dash for the finish this space😃👍🎸

E1798065 E2D9 45E3 BD9A 3B4C652D447A
7B1DBF3C 65D9 498D A73D B55D8BAC8EFD
B44948B2 AEAF 482C ACC7 8711A619DFCC


Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes 11/11/2023 7:53 am

@brie good work Brian!

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 11/11/2023 11:34 am

Thanks Dan, not nearly as quick as your first build!! Too much thinking and planning (sitting on my butt and prevarication!!).🤣👍🎸

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Looking good Brian!


But my advice, don't rush the finish or it'll take longer lol

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 10/11/2023 8:33 pm

@nsj Thanks for that, never rush a finish, it’s one of the most enjoyable bits of a build, seeing the beauty of the grain pop out.
Think this one might be finished for Christmas, just not sure which Christmas!!🤣🤣
Away to enjoy a refreshing ale and a beef and mango curry .........Mmmmmm!👍🍺😃🎸