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[Solved] Nut specs for the Build Your Own Electric Guitar course

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Does anyone know where I can purchase the exact nut used in the Build Your Own Electric Guitar course? It states 3/16" TUSQ slotted but no info about length and height (and what about slot spacing?).

swepri 27/10/2023 4:57 pm

@nortski I don't think the exact specs matter that much. Shaping and slotting the nut is done very late in the process and you make it fit the guitar you just built, matching the neck width, height of the frets and depth of the nut slot.

I shape the nut myself, from a rectangular blank, and work out the string spacing with a special ruler. Like this one (there are other brands too)

Generally I try to put the outer strings 3-3.5 mm from the edge of the nut and the ruler finds the other spacings.

nortski Topic starter 28/10/2023 10:18 am

@swepri that's interesting and something I'll look to do for future builds. For this first build I'm following along with the Design Your Own Electric Guitar course and Mark uses a nut to mark out it's position relative to the center line.

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I bought my tusq nuts from ebay.

Graph Tech part no PQL-6010-00

Screenshot 20231027 194700 eBay
nortski Topic starter 27/10/2023 6:54 pm

@robin thanks, I'll order one straight away!

Robin Robin 27/10/2023 8:11 pm

You might have to reduce the height to get the action you want, but thats just a case of sanding the bottom face.