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Order of Pickup vs Neck Slots


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I notice Mark does pickups first before the neck slot and has to be careful of the humbucker slot as he progresses with the neck.

Is it necessary to do it in this order or could I do neck first?

I’m thinking I could then do without the longer router bit.



@abbbbbottttt You will need a longer router bit.

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Yes - you can indeed mess around with the order of the routing, but obvs... I would recommend you do it my way first (of course you don't have to!).

We do it this way specifically to avoid 'break out' at the top of the pickup route as it looks especially nasty here if it does happen.

Also I find it is easier, quicker and more accurate to line up the patterns in that order. There may be other reasons but off the top of my head I can't think of them...

and...I think you will likely need a longer cutter at some point - maybe to fit the pots? But it would be interesting to see - Let us know how it goes!

Measure twice, cut once...

Thanks, @markbailey.


I’m gonna go for both bits but thanks for the explanation of the reasoning - it’ll settle my curious mind!


My drawing is well underway and I’m looking forward to receiving the kit!


Really appreciate the fantastic content.