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[Solved] Scarf headstock jig

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Hi All,

I've completed my first electric build and really happy with it. My next project is to build a scarf headstock neck, and after following @markbailey YouTube live vid I've tried to copy the jig design.

I followed the measurements given of a box 2 foot total length with a back rectangular section of 8" long and 6"high, with a ramped section with a 14 degree angle. See photos below.

I thought I'd try with some scrap (1.5" thick) and the angle copied of the jig (as per the video) looks completely wrong and too long? When preparing the section for surface routing, it's too long and doesn't fit in the jig?

Anyone have any experience of this jig because I've definitely got something wrong!!

PXL 20230905 125727783.MP
PXL 20230905 125811539.MP
PXL 20230905 120659483.MP
PXL 20230905 131252966.MP
PXL 20230905 130110139.MP
PXL 20230905 125458280.MP


Clinton Clinton 06/09/2023 12:29 pm

@liebe Hi, your jig is perfectly fine. Your neck blank is way too thick for the jig to be able to use it properly. It is only meant for neck blanks no thicker than 22-23mm. The thicker it is the longer the scarf cut will be.

Clinton Clinton 06/09/2023 12:32 pm

@liebe Hope it makes sense.

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Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes Topic starter 07/09/2023 6:12 am

@clinton superb, much neater then mine!
Thanks for your help.

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Hi @clinton, thanks for the reply. Have you made this jig too?

I did think the thickness of the piece would have an effect, but didn't think it would be that much - shows what an idiot I am!

I've had a quick draw out using the jig on my neck blank (25mm thick) and it looks better, but the surface to be worked on is just within the 8" section.

I might extend the box section beyond 8" to give me a bit more room for manoeuvre as I don't have a thicknesser or decent planing skills!



Clinton Clinton 07/09/2023 9:55 am

@liebe mine is a 12 degree angle. Don’t use it much nowadays. I made a scarf jig for my table saw and it cuts really precise to where minimal sanding is the only requirement for a perfect scarf glue up.

Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes Topic starter 09/09/2023 5:02 pm

@clinton thanks again. I made the box section longer at 10" (as my blank is thicker) and that's really worked.

PXL 20230909 135052225.MP
PXL 20230909 141936567.MP

A table saw is on my list, but it will take a while to get to.