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[Solved] Another drawing design question, last fret is 1 fret short in drawing  


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Following along with the video, it was decided on 22 frets. And we marked the end of the fretboard out to the 23rd fret to allow for that extra space beyond the last fret.

But on the pattern of the guitar I traced for the pickups, it was exactly 1 fret longer than my drawing. So the pattern with two humbucker pickups matches perfect with the bridge location, but is off by 1 fret with the end of the fretboard, as if it's a 23 fret guitar.

IMG 5443


When you route the neck pocket, it will show that gap. Couldn’t you just drop the neck pick up down with 2mm gap between the fretboard?

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Hmm, what scale lenght are you doing? 25 inch? The plans are laid out for the last fret whether it is 22-24. There really is no rule where pick ups go or where the neck meets the body and this design has a 2mm gap in between the end of the fretboard to neck pick up cavity. What is important is that your scale lenght is spot on to where placement of bridge holes is in accordance. 

22 frets 25 inch scale lenght

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By drop it down do you mean move it closer to the fretboard?  I can, I just didn't know if that would mess anything else up. Do the 2 pickups have to be a certain distance from eachother?  If I move it closer to the fretboard, they won't be the same distance from eachother that they are in the plans.  Maybe that doesn't matter?


The same applies tegardless of how many frets you use. This one is still 25inch scale lenght but with 24 frets. Only difference is now the fretboard/neck is pushed in more into the body due to the added frets and neck pick up cavity also is pushed in closer to the bridge yet still maintaining the 2mm gap in between the pick up and fretboard. Bridge holes remain the same.

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Move the neck pickup to the correct location (2mm past the end of fretboard) - you got it @clinton !

Measure twice, cut once...

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super helpful thanks!  Yes mine is 25" scale and 22 frets, following along with the "design your guitar" video.  Sounds like it doesn't matter if the pickups are spaced a little wider.  I just ordered the kit so will double check everything once I get the fretboard.