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[Solved] Tracing headstock plan, nut width is off from video dimensions  



Hi there, I've been getting started on my drawing and got to the headstock part. I traced it from the A4 plans document.

When I hold it up to my neck/nut drawing the headstock/nut trace is not as wide.  I measured and it's about 41mm.  On the video the nut is 44mm.  I am wondering if when I printed the plans it scaled it down a bit or something.  Anyone else run into this?  Now I am trying to decide if I should just freehand draw that part of the headstock so its fits with the 44mm nut width.  But then also wondering if the other plans I printed might be slightly off as well for the pickups, etc.

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  Ok looks like your printing got scaled down for sure. Should not be like that. Try a reprint of the headstock. My print out is 44mm.



Find the area in the neck plans where it is at 44mm. Use that as your nut starting point and you can adjust your neck profile drawing based on that taper. That way you dont’ have to guess freehand. What do you think?


I think I know what you mean but not quite sure, I will try that.  Here's a picture to show what I mean. The nut width is wider than the headstock and nut that I traced from the A4 pattern. 

IMG 5442



Ok looks like your printing got scaled down for sure. 

When you're printing the A4 plan, have a look for an option to print actual size and it should print correctly. 


Ok yeah I will give that a try. I had to print at an office supply store so perhaps their default selection was "Scale to fit" and I missed that.  Thanks for your help!