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Guitar design patent and copyright  

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Hello Peeps,

Does anyone know if you can patent or copyright your guitar design such as the body shape or headstock shape or even the name of your guitar. I have heard Mark say that if you can show three different aspects that distinguishes your design from someone else's then it's okay to build something similar. There are so many shapes that have already been done that it's virtually impossible to come up with a new idea that works. 🤔 


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On the subject of court fights over patents, even when you win you can lose.
I'm a Software Engineer and many years ago worked for Sensaura, a company that evolved from a 3d sound project in EMI's Central Research Laboratories but found its success when it stopped pursuing musical applications and focused on computer games audio.

There were two other main players in the field, Aureal (who had some very interesting technologies) and the mighty Creative Labs, who were huge.

Aureal sued Creative for patent infringements, and eventually won, to the tune of millions.

Unfortunately for them, the costs involved in pursuing the lawsuit still bankrupted them, and they were bought out by... Creative Labs, who were big enough that the cost of the lawsuit and the payout hardly even affected them.

Great story, but it makes me sick...


Yes, you can but it is prohibitively expensive and does not protect you from overseas rascals...generally considered not worth the effort.

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