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Headstock inverted


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Hey guys, first time and wonder if I'm just being a bit of a fool.  If I were to trace the headstock design, the 3 per side one with the rounded top, turn it over and then apply it to my own paper design, it would be upside down compared to Mark's plan.  If I look at Mark's full V2 guitar plan, the headstock looks the same as it does on the single headstock design.  Do you have to somehow mirror the image before printing it?  Or am I being dumb? 

@riccardo I also just printed it and then traced it with tracing paper... then flipped the tracing paper over and darkened/traced it on the other side. so then when I flipped it back over to the proper side there was carbon on the side I needed for the transfer.
when I re-read that... there was a lot of flipping involved. Sounds a lot more complicated than it was. 🙂

If you are able to print it you can almost certainly mirror it at this stage, either before it after you trace it.

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Hi @riccardo, you're not being a fool at all. The tracing method works for symmetrical shapes like humbuckers but not for the headstock. You're correct in saying that you would have to mirror the image to use that method. You could mirror it by taking another tracing from your tracing. Or you could cut out your print and draw around it. I'm sure that you'll find a way.

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Thanks everyone.  I actually worked out the approach to using the tracing paper on both sides and that worked well...  I have now pretty much finished the design but have noticed that the guitar body from the course templates is quite small compared to my other guitars... I did print it at 100% scaling and I'm wondering whether to increase the body size a little.  Mind you it might be fun to have a slightly smaller guitar...

@riccardo I also had that happen to me. What I found was my problem was that, where I am my default print size is letter size. I think the patterns are in A4 size. When I changed my print format to A4 it printed the proper size and measurements.