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[Solved] Materials for first guitar?

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I've been going through the design course and I'm about to start my drawings, but I was wondering, for my first build is it recommended to buy the ~$500 kit sold here or part everything out?

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I built my first electric using scrap wood and second hand parts from ebay to see if I had the skills.  For my second build I bought the kit from @markbailey, absolutely every part you need is there in the kit. Everything is of good quality too. You can easily spend more than the kit price sourcing all the parts yourself, depends what quality you opt for.

This was built from the kit.

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SomethingNicer Topic starter 20/01/2024 8:05 pm

@robin thanks! Sounds like the kit is a good option to start with


I think the kit shown is a nice choice for beginners, considering how others in the forum has made guitars from scratch with advanced equipment like laser engravers with 3D design software processing (which I am not too familiar with)