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Neck angle for bolt-on - can't decide

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I am currently building a jazzmaster type guitar. The neck is ready and done and I have a cheapish tremolo tailpiece. The cavities are routed in the body.

I decided to use a roller bridge (tune-o-matic style) instead of the original rocking type that Fender use. Now, this bridge builds higher than the original and I can see two alternatives:

1. Recess the bridge slightly into the body to make the neck angle smaller (I think too big an angle might look akward on a Fender type guitar)

2. Match the neck angle the usual way (end up with a set neck style, greater angle with a non-recessed bridge). This would of course increase the break angle over the bridge back to the tremolo, which is good but not necessary thanks to the rollers in the bridge.

Am I overthinking this? What would you do?

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Hey @swepri,

My experience of jazzmasters and jaguars is that they often need a shim in the neck pocket too create a better angle at the bridge anyway.

Bridges sunk into the body, beyond just the ferrules, can look a bit odd to me.Β 

Obviously you're not making it for me😅, but I'd go for the neck angle.

swepri Topic starter 13/01/2024 1:06 pm

@liebe Thanks. I agree, a recessed bridge does look a bit odd. In this case I have to make a hole for the entire bridge through the pickguard anyway, to avoid the extra height of 3mm. πŸ™‚

Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes 15/01/2024 3:31 pm

That makes sense!