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PRS Headstock Template

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Does anyone by any chance have a PRS headstock template pdf they could share?

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I have the custom 22 pdf, lets see if I can upload it. It includes the headstock template



nortski Topic starter 04/12/2023 9:17 pm

@nsj thanks for the upload! I was kinda hoping to find a template that had the tuner holes marked out too. This should help plenty though, thanks.

NSJ 05/12/2023 2:35 am

@nortski Use the first image of the complete guitar top view to work it out, should get really close. Just zoom in on the headstock. Or if you have suitable software edit the pdf and cut the headstock out on it's own, then you can lay it over the other template and punch holes through.

nortski Topic starter 05/12/2023 10:16 pm

@nsj ah good idea!