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[Solved] Question about neck placement

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Hello all, I'm nearing the end of my first design drawing, and I think it's going quite well, but I had a question before I finish.

First, The guitar I'll make will be from the electric guitar kit sold here


The scale is 25" and the supplied fretboard has 24 frets. Does that mean I need to keep all 24 frets or can it be cut down?


I'm using a LP template (for a LP Jr style) and I'm planning for a single P90....

My big question is.... In the video mark says he's lining the body template up with the last fret of the board.... In my case if I did that, the scale would be wildly off. So I chose to focus on keeping the scale from nut to bridge correct and then drew the body around that..... Now this means that the fretboard extends into the body a good bit, and if I actually wanted a second pickup, it would interfere I think.


The drawing doesn't look wrong to me, but I feel like there's something I'm missing between the video and what I've actually done. Can someone look at my drawing and confirm it looks correct? If not tell me where I went wrong? 🙃 




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You're right to focus on keeping the scale length correct  And yes you can shorten the fretboard to the number of frets you want it to be. Your drawing looks fine to me, maybe just double check the tuner positions, make sure the strings aren't fouling the pegs.