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I'm drawing my first guitar, I'm a retired design engineer, I'll be drawing using SolidWorks and have a question about neck taper. I'll be using one your pre made fretboards, 25" scale length and 24 frets.  The dimensions you show are 43mm at the nut and 56mm at the last fret. I just want double check that it is 56mm at the 24th fret.



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It is usually 56mm at the 22nd fret as that is the standard number of frets. The difference is pretty negligable really - when we make the fretboards they are a tiny bit oversized to give a little room for error - you can sand them down to how you like them.


..Really the width depends on your chosen bridge - you'll see this if you watch through the design course - let me know if you get stuck or have any more Q's

Measure twice, cut once...

Thanks for your reply. I think I'd like to use your kit as basis for my build, is it possible to have an ash body blank and maple neck in place place of mahogany, would this reduce the price. Does my supporter membership get me any access to plans or discount on parts.


No problem Robin - we can do that - Carol is emailing you with more details.

Measure twice, cut once...