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Bill Flude
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29/08/2019 10:17 am  

Been watching some faux binding stuff on YouTube but so far none of them have managed a finish that isn’t a bit wobbly.

Any tips or links for a neat way to do faux binding?


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mark bailey
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29/08/2019 8:26 pm  

Hey @frocesterbill

Yes - it is NOT EASY - finshing guitars takes years of practice to get the appearance of is how we do it (in a nutshell)

  1. Sand and Prep - Leave the corners round the top sharp for now
  2. Seal the sides and anywhere you do not want colour before staining the front - this helps prevent any colour going where it shouldn't as you can just wipe it off instead of it sinking into the wood.
  3. Apply the colour coats
  4. Round off the sharp corners - after the colour has dried go round with some med - fine sandpaper to make a small radius
  5. Apply top coat (clear coats)

I will make  a video one day is on the list...

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