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Hogging out material  


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13/05/2019 12:08 pm  

If there is a large cavity to route out I notice some builders rough it out with Forstner bits and only use a router for the detail.

Is this recommended?

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14/05/2019 12:59 pm  

Hi Herb,

If they are sharp then Forster bits can be a great way to remove lots of material quite quickly and relatively dust free. If the are blunt they’re a great way to make smoke!



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mark bailey
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14/05/2019 1:39 pm  

Yup - as Darren says - if they are sharp they are indeed a good way of removing material...maybe they are trying to save money on router cutters?

But personally - for me this would be an extra step...I'd rather just get on and route it. I have extraction on the router so it is relatively clean - hardly any escapes when 'pocket routing'

FYI: In 'The Factory' we used a larger router cutter for roughing and then a smaller one just for going round the edges. Sometimes I replicate this with my hand held routers - i.e. have a (large general purpose) roughing out cutter and a (smaller and newer) 'final pass' cutter.

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