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What Glue should I use for a Bridge?

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Hello, I'm about to reglue the Bridge of my 1984 Höfner Blue Grass 12 String and I'm a little unsure what Glue to use.

After whatching everything helpful I could find on YouTube and following the usual steps (removing the Bridge, cleaning the Bridge and the guitar top, getting everything as plane and fitting as possible etc.) I'm about to arrive at the moment of truth: The actual gluing. After some research and thinking about the pros and cons of each reasonable glue it seems as if I'm down to two choices: Titebond Original (red lable) and Titebond genuine Hide Glue (brown bottle).  

So far, I bought only a bottle of the Titebond Hide Glue because as far as I understand, It is removable (in case I f*** up the glue job or need to reglue it again in the hopefully distant future) and more forgiving if I missed one or two low spots in my brigde. The longer setting time also makes it easier to position the Bridge exactly where I want to have it.

I might add, that the Guitartop had a belly bulge that I already took care of as good as I could but because of that a small bulge remaines which shouldn't be a problem for the tonation or the stabillity but makes fitting the bridge definetely harder, because it now needs to be ever so slightly concave. 

I thought, I made a good choice with the glue, however, now that I'm about to glue it, I get second thoughts. Titebond Original seems to be the glue of choice for most guitar builders and it appears to be stronger than Titebond Hide Glue (which seems to be even more important considering, that a 12 String guitar probably creates a decent amount of stress on the bridge) but removing it, in case something goes wrong in the future seems to be a pain in the neck... 

So what should I do? Go with the Titebond Hide Glue or Titebond Original?

I would be glad for some help.

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Not a situation I've ever encountered, so this is opinion rather than experience ...


I don't think the setting time is really a factor.  Titebond Original will give you enough time to make sure everything is positioned correctly before it sets.

From your comments (I've never researched those options myself) it sounds like Hide Glue is easier to remove if there's a problem in future, but isn't as strong so might fail and cause a problem in future. 

Whereas Original should ensure that the job, once done, stays done.


Just make sure that the joint is as good as you can possibly make it before applying the glue - but that applies for any joint.

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@malte-krausgmx-de. On all of my acoustic builds I've used white pva glue for the neck and bridge. It cleans up easily and if it ever needs to be removed it is decently worry free to do (ps.... I've had to remove the neck off of one of my builds... oops). 

As for getting the bridge to fit a slightly buldged surface... I would place a sheet of sandpaper down on the guitar where the bridge is going to live and sand the bridge to fit the area. Just make sure you don't move the bridge too far. 1/4" back and forth and it will eventually get the exact contour of the body. 

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Hi @malte-krausgmx-de

As luck would have it I've just been doing a stress test for various glues. Both titebond and hide glue came out with virtually the same results. Titebond is an easier glue to use for the beginner but if applied in the right way hide glue gives very good results too. I'd try the hide glue first because as you say it's easier to reverse if needed and I'm sure you will have just as strong a join as you will with titebond. You can always use the titebond if it doesn't work out. 


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@malte-krausgmx-de Welcome to this awesome community !
I would use titebond original. Hide glue is really good glue, and , probably that premade hide glue from titebond also has its uses, but hide glue in luthery means, heat up a mixture of water and hide glue granulates in a wax pot at around 80 degrees celcius, apply the glue, and keep the surface warm to activate the glue.

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