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Last Kit build  


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03/03/2021 1:06 pm  

I finally was able to finish this kit guitar. Tele thinline with a bigsby-like tremolo tom bridge and 2 HB's
This was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend and daughter 🙂

The neck was repurposed for another project since the scale length did not work well with  the predrilled post holes for the bridge.
I mistakenly thought that the holes where positioned for a 25.5" scale length. But that was not the case either, so I think they just drilled some holes anywhere in the middle of the body 😉 I had to plug the holes and mess up a bit the finish. But there you go, got another playable guitar now 😀

IMG 20210303 085645860
IMG 20210303 085702356
IMG 20210303 085710832
IMG 20210303 085714401
IMG 20210303 085652636


Definitely my last kit build... I think... :-p


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