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Has anyone built a classical guitar?

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I do make myself laugh..... I've got that many unfinished projects, both guitar building and otherwise, that I really don't need another....However 🤣

I dusted off a copy of Bogdanovitch's build a classical guitar book and now having, completed Mark's BYOA course, makes a whole lot more sense than before

Are there any different pitfalls for me to inevitably find or is it largely a similar process as any other acoustic?

The bracing is different I know but is there a good reason not to have a go?

Also @Mark presumably your regular acoustic back and sides, soundboard and neck blanks could be used with the excess used to cut for bindings etc.

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Hi James, I made a nylon strung Maccaferri which has pretty standard classical bracing.

My only comment would be that you have to be very careful when setting the neck angle as, without a truss rod, you have very little, if any, means of adjustment after the neck is glued on. My experience was that the string tension, even with Vinnie Jones strings (extra hard) hardly pulls the neck forward at all. Mind you, the neck in question had three carbon fibre reinforcements so I guess it was never going to move very much. It has meant me having to fit an over-height saddle to stop string buzz but I'm going give the frets some grief the next time I have all the strings off to see if this helps at all.


You can never have too many half finished guitars but my wife says that it is possible to have too many finished guitars! I don't get it!!


Hi James,

My first build was a classical acoustic under the guidance of an experienced luthier. I have built a couple of traditional acoustics since. The biggest difference is the neck joint. Traditionally classical guitars use a slipper joint as opposed to a mortice and tenon, dovetail or bolt on. They are also constructed on a solera on which the neck, top and end block are glued together first. Traditionally they also have a slotted headstock. Some perts of the construction are easier and some a bit trickier. Good luck if you give it a go. Attached is a picture my effort.

IMG 1629


James James Topic starter 31/01/2021 12:56 pm

Thanks for the valuable hints and tips Darren and Chris. That guitar looks lush must be chuffed.
I'm trying to start with building a solera but am struggling to source or build 15 and 25 foot radiused sanding pads. I can make the radius sticks using Mark's method that he shows in the acoustic course but sanding pads remain expensive to buy from the US and difficult to make......

sanjay_pasari 01/12/2022 10:36 am

@chrisot This looks amazing


James Perry

You should be able to get large radius sanding pads from

They are based somewhere in the South of England and were advertising radius dishes with a sanding pad, so I'm sure you could get one separately.Β 

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Some people call me a tool, others are less complimentary. Tools being useful things.

James James Topic starter 31/01/2021 4:36 pm

Thanks mate ..... I'll drop them a line 😃


James Perry

Apologies I made a mistake with that web site address its

Some people call me a tool, others are less complimentary. Tools being useful things.

James James Topic starter 01/02/2021 6:55 pm

Thanks RnR..... I found them via google..... And for some reason their ebay shop is cheaper as it applies discount 😃

Rocknroller912 Rocknroller912 01/02/2021 7:20 pm

Didn't know they were on eBay, I found them on Facebook

Rocknroller912 Rocknroller912 07/02/2021 7:38 pm

James Perry
I managed to buy some large sanding discs from him at Β£12.50 each but had to send the money through pay pal which is easy enough. He includes them with radius dishes but doesn't usually sell separately as he includes them at nearly cost and doesn't make much profit which is fair enough.
If you are still stuck you could buy an abrasive roll from any good DIY shop and stick down strips using the NEC tape that Mark sells.


There is a youtube video about making radius dishes

May be useful.


Great to see the video , its very good ~ Ali Sami Farooq


Not, yet but will surely build a classical guitar.