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[Solved] location of curves of lower face braces

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A question I have with regards to the curved bracings is, that, the lower face bracings are not placed centred on the soundboard, but the curve is centered on the bracing, it is creating a curve in the lower part of the lower bout, off the centre line of the guitar. What is the reason for this?
My guess it has to do with string tension of the heavier strings, trying to pull the bridge upwards diagonally (since the lighter strings, don't have the same pulling force ), which causes the soundboard wanting to belly diagonally from the lower bout bottom towards the upperbout?

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Yes it seems strange but the shape sorts itself out after gluing to the side rims - it doesn't matter where the radius is on the LFB's or that they are 'off centre'.

Measure twice, cut once...


Interesting question @koendb. This sounds like a question for @markbailey. I'd like to hear the answer to this one.