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[Solved] Size bolts for the bootlegger


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Hi All

Can someone tell me what size bolts should be used for the bootlegger guitar. I am guessing them to be M6 45mm or 40mm?

I seem to have missed that in the 'build your own acoustic guitar'.

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I would think that the length of the bolts would be determined by the thickness of your heel block. Since the heel block is roughly 40mm I would say you should use a bolt 40mm. Any longer and the bolt would bottom out past the tenon on the neck. 

@bpower Right! and in the course , Mark is using a 6mm drillbit for the holes in the heel block, so I guess M6 is correct. Thx man.


Just to confirm - the bolts supplied in the standard kit are indeed 6x40mm.

Measure twice, cut once...


You are welcome @koendb. Mark did use a 6mm bit. I personally just found the bolt I was going to use and then just measured the shank and picked a drill bit that worked. The one I found in my part of the world had a larger shoulder before the threads so I needed to use a slightly larger bit. Whatever gets the job done. 🙂


Thank you both of you for sharing the information , will apply this.

Alexander Zingman