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For this build I want a belly carve, and also a carve on the front so my wrist isn’t resting on an edge. I’m also going to carve the front and back inside edges of the horns.

After marking out the belly carve and the one for the wrist it’s hard to tell whether or not it’ll come out as I anticipate. Has anyone got pictures of a bandsman with similar carves they could post please? Also I need to decide on a minimum thickness of the body between the carves  as I think if I go to thin it’ll just look weird, was planning to go about a third of the thickness for each carve.

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My current buid isn't a bandsman, but is a similar shape. With the belly carve I've gone to almost half the body thickness. I hadn't intended carving so much out, but I was trying to get rid of a flaw in the wood. Unfortunately, the deeper I went, the bigger the flaw got. I carved a little bit from the horn curves until I thought .

I don't seem to be able to attach photos at the moment, I'll try again later when I get a chance.

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20210215 171218

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@robin thank you for that, I think that is certainly too deep for what I want as it’s mean there’d be a ridge between them that’d be too thin. I think what I might do is just start off shallow on both carves and gradually bring them together and see how it works organically rather than trying to get it perfect on paper. Appreciate the pictures, looking forward to you finishing it 🙂

…on an elaborate journey to turn trees into music.

That sounds like a plan @tej , carve off a bit at a time until it looks and feels right. The real skill is to stop before you take too much, because you can't put it back on so easily.