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Control cavity cover


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Hi, am I being a bit slow here, I have a template I made to cut a recess for the control cavity. Is there a way I can use that to make a perfect template to make the cover from or is it a case of sanding to perfection here?

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Use the template to trace the lines, cut out just a fraction outside the line. try to fit your new template in the other one, sand where there's too much, use masking tape to fill too large gaps. then use that template to make a definite template. Make your cover from that new template.
That's how I would do it.

@koendb after a few failures in making a super accurate template without sanding I concluded it was just going to take way longer so resorted to your suggestion. It’s pretty close to perfect now. What I didn’t realise was that one side of the plastic I got for the cover was shiny and I wanted the matt side up… so I’ll make a new cover tomorrow 😬

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An easy way would be to trace round the template you have using a pencil inside a metal washer. Obviously the distance from the washer edge to centre determines how much bigger the new one will be. Instruments that have an over lapping edge from the sides, like violins, use this method to ensure an even overlap

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