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[Solved] Truss rod q


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Hey guys, I’m getting ready to route the truss rod slot (two piece neck, adjustment at heel end) and was wondering what the correct orientation was for this dual action rod? Is it the blue cylinder or flat metal metal bit that needs to face up (towards fretboard). Or does it not matter?

On another note I’m not getting any response from carol or mark regarding another query. Are they away? I’ve emailed several times from the contact page. Have checked spam for responses also. 

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Arguably free orientation doesn’t really matter but if you put the flat side up it’ll adjust as you’d expect. If you put it the other way the adjuster will act the opposite way as I’m told.
Incidentally I’ve not had responses from Mark for a bit either so don’t take it personally!

Cheers tej. I assume he’s a little busy catching up on orders. Btw, you don’t happen to know what type of maple he sells? 

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@frank1985 It is the flat metal part that needs to face up.

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Thank you koendb! 


Correct! ...and sorry for delay...major hassles...!

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