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Weird Soundboards  


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12/03/2020 5:57 pm  

Hi all,

Here's a question. When you see a guitar that has incorporates apparently completely unsuitable material as a soundboard does it indicate that is designed to be used, almost exclusively, as a electro-acoustic or is it that the range of material that can be used is actually far wide than the usual spruce, cedar etc? Even if amplified surely the soundboard still plays a big part in the overall sound of the guitar.

The Ibanez shown has Tamo (Japanese Strangled Ash) and this is almost certainly a veneer bonded to some kind of substrate as I just can't imagine Tamo having enough strength to be used in solid. Koa and figured walnut are also fairly common on Pinterest an neither of these is structurally anything like a traditional soundboard tonewood.

Answers on a postcard to.........