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Headstock slope

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Hey guys, I’ve just thinned out my headstock down to 15mm and am getting ready to carve out the slope next.  How does this look? Should I leave as is and proceed with carving or make the slope steeper by routing more maple off, I.e. receded closer towards the nut? 
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Clinton Clinton 28/04/2022 11:24 am

@frank1985 leave it as it is looks good and ready to be carved

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@bpower, @koendb, @markbailey, @koendb

"I was just a little nervous about chasing a flaw that really didn't matter too much in the big picture..." as bpower said...

my sentiments, exactly...i'm going to carefully sand it away,,,feather it in - call it hand, not with a router as I'm still getting reacquainted with that power tool; it makes sawdust - like RIGHT NOW!

thanks for the advice ya'll

<>< Poco7

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Thank you for sharing your ideas. Here I have learned a lot of things from this post and appreciate your innovative thinking.

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