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Harware Guidance Please!?  


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Hi, so, having gone through the design course first time around and following the advice of many (Mark included from his video!) I've decided to scale back my delusions of grandure for my first build. Not what I'd normally do as I quite like a challenge but clearly it's the sensible approach for this. Thanks to those of you who've tried to hammer that into my brain 🙂

Anyway, I was looking to order parts to support the design process so I can ensure everything is spot on and want to be sure that the neck taper is accurate (concluded I will buy a fretboard first time around too and be content with < 24 frets) the only change is that I'll use a 25.5 scale length as it's my preference. So the standard taper noted for the fretboard here (Link) 43 to 56mm, I was going to use this 43x6mm (35mm E to E) nut (Link) and this bridge (Link) with 52mm E to E spacing.

From what I've calculated this means my last fret, or rather the last bit of the "standard" fret board, which would be the position of the 23rd fret if there was one would end 9.5mm (9.4759 if we're being accurate) closer to the bridge than the 25" scale length board would be. So I think that the "standard" taper, though would be slightly different would be unnoticable to the eye. Am I missing something here or does this sound right?

Should qualify that I'm waiting for drawing tools to be delivered so I've not actually drawn this out yet!

Also if anyone has any views good or bad on the bridge or nut linked about or the compaines selling them please shout, I've tried to pitch it somewhere in the middle as I know this won't be my "ultimate" guitar. That said, I'm pretty sure at all times the ulmitate guitar will always be the next one 🙂

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V Quick comments on hardware ...
I didn't like the Wilkinson wrapover bridge initially - but I think that's because I'd bought some knock-off Chilkinson version from eBay. Get the bona fide Wilkinson unit, and it's pretty good, and very good VFM.
In the same VFM category are Iron Gear pickups. You won't get better for the money. Whilst you're at (who design, market and sell the Iron Gear pickups) take a look at their tuners, pots, etc. They're all pretty good, reliable and not expensive.

The Wilkinson Wraparound bridge I used on my latest build is indeed pretty good, Dont know if we are talking about the exact same one, as Wilkinson is more of a licensed thing that is granted to multiple manufacturers as far as I know.

Axetec is a great company too , I love the Iron Gear pickups, and ordered much stuff from them, besides the pickups.
Unfortunately, due to brexit and the extra import nowadays, I do search for my parts on mainland Europe first.

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Whilst you're at

I wasn't it, was, I'd never heard of them before. I'll check out axtech anyway though, always happy to find a new supplier of toys, will be interesting to hear thier pickups too though, so much of it comes down to the amp it's hard to ever compare anything on anything but your own gear!

…on an elaborate journey to turn trees into music.

Agreed with the only-way-to-compare comment. But Iron Gear are generally well rated.

Axetec is/own the Iron Gear brand name, so it's the only place you can buy those pickups. They also do a range of hardware - their own brand (all MIC, but QC seems to be consistently good - which is worth checking out.

Axesrus are another excellent supplier of hardware. I've probably used them more than any other site. They have a range - all the way through to pricey brands.

All depends on what you want to spend (as always!). If you're looking for "good value" for your first build, then Axetec is a good place to shop.

Yeah I've repriced my list of parts that I couldn't source from the shop here and it's knocked about £60 off the total bill already. Need to read up on fret wire next so I can add that to one of the orders as having to go to about 3 places, will have a search of the forums first though. So many different sizes and composition of materials!