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Truss rod placement 22 or 24 fret bass. 34 inch scale length


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Hi and Help, I am stumped

  Building a neck through bass. I have a 24 inch stew mac truss rod for basses. Does truss rod placement have to reach all the way through the heel mass of the neck? Does it matter? Will it affect functionality? Always wondered that. At 34 inch scale lenght for 24 frets, seems like my truss rod is too short but at 22 it will reach a good portion of the heel. Would like to utilize as much fretboard area with only the last two frets on the body. Since it is a neck through, the neck heel will also be carved down towards the body for more fingerboard playability access apparent with such custom bass designs. Is it best to try looking for a longer truss rod? Dunno. Also where exactly is good placement for carbon fiber rods on the neck? Towards the body more or the nut? How do you bass builders approach this? 

Good question.. I am going to keep an eye on this thread 🙂
The relief is supposed to be more in the middle of the neck, so I don't think it is super important if it is not long enough to reach all the way down the heel? Not an educated answer, more like a, for me, logical assumption.

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A 24 inch truss rod is long enough for a 34 inch scale bass. I've always used 58 centimetres (which is about 23.8 inch) truss rods for all the basses I've made, including a 35 inch scale 5-string. I don't think the neck style (bolt on, set neck or neck through) will make any difference. Never used any carbon fiber rods, so I can't give you any advise on that.


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Thanks @Marcel. Figured it will be ok but need the reassurance.