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[Solved] I’ve disappeared up my own ƒ hole  


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After @tv1010101 ’s rant about ƒ-holes elsewhere on this site, i thought I’d better re-visit my archtop guitar design. Every time I looked at my drawings all I could see was a poster for a Victorian Melodrama with a Baddie with Moustaches!

So I decided to explore alternatives. That’s a day I won’t get back. 

Some of the ideas are worth re-visiting, but as my original plan was to build an electric guitar that I could smuggle into Scottish folk clubs, I suspect the more traditional the better.

Normally I’d post 14 jpegs here, but in the interim here’s a 14 page pdf and a screenshot of the first and last pages.

 hole 01
 hole 14

Jack of all trades and master of my own destiny. It’s only a small destiny.

If you're choosing any of them I'd go for the last one James. A Modern Classic. ??✌️

Yeah - I like that cut across. Reminiscent of the bar on the ƒ.
I’m guessing that binding it will be fiddly, but wee straight pieces of binding should be a little simpler to fit than tight curves? Or leave it unbound, fiddle style?

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@james-chacewatergmail-com-2 The teardrop was deliberate, BTW. It’s an ancient decorative shape in Celtic / Indo-European culture from thousands of years ago, but it was made famous as the Paisley Pattern. And Paisley is another thing Ayrshire is famous for - possibly even more famouser than the Guitar Making Academy!

Jack of all trades and master of my own destiny. It’s only a small destiny.


It might be me James, but I see lots of sad faces crying f hole loads of tears  ? 

Yeah - that’s where we are. 😉


Thanks for the research James, I think you've convinced me to stick with the traditional.

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After @tv1010101 ’s rant about ƒ-holes

That wasn't a rant, that was just a constructively critical observation!



I liked many of your alternative designs - the shapes "fit" the shape of the body far better, and they all look neater than the unnecessarily ornate f hole version.

How about this one ...

No F in Hole.

... but without the second smaller hole?  The outer edge of the larger hole runs parallel to the outside edge of the body (my eye likes symmetry and aligned shapes).


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That one looks like it’s crying tears of laughter. :¬D

I’ve printed them all out. I’ll keep looking at them and see which ones grow on me.

It’s only just dawned on me that I should have laid them all out horizontally! The only time you see a guitar upright is when it’s not being used.