I need a roadie ...
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I need a roadie ...

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Had a few minutes spare yesterday, so I thought I'd pick up my acoustic and "play" it!

I know, I know, I know ... playing a guitar ... what a crazy idea.

As I picked it up, I heard something knocking inside.  Wonder what's slipped in there?

Ahhhh, it's the battery that's come loose.  Never mind, the battery holder is just fixed on with velcro to the underside of the soundboard, I'll just squeeze my hand in there and re-fix it.

Except the reason that the battery is loose is because the velcro strip has come off the underside of the soundboard.  Hmmmm.  Bit trickier.

Loosen all the strings - well, I was going to change them sometime anyway - find the strip of velcro inside the body, reglue it and refix that back to the underside of the soundboard.

Then fix the battery holder back to the velcro strip.

Hmmmm, fretboard could probably do with some lemon oil, and a bit of polishing won't hurt the frets.

Out to the workshop, remembering to take a fresh set of strings with me.

Get the guitar on the bench, and pull out the bridge pins so I can completely remove the strings.  And, naturally, one falls down behind the bench, and behind the cupboard that's fixed under the bench.  

Unfix cupboard, pull it out, retrieve bridge pin.  Oh, and suppose I should really clean the rest of the mess under there too, while it's out.  Hoover.  Put cupboard back.  Put all bridge pins in a safe place.

Remember that the end pin was coming a bit loose, so get a spanner on that to tighten it whilst I'm out here.  Except the spanner doesn't tighten it.  Feel inside, and I can just feel the tip of the socket rotating inside as I move the spanner outside.  Hmmmm.

Loosen everything and remove jack socket / end pin.  Tighten the inside nut and locking washer, then realise that I can't reach to put the end pin back through the bottom of the body.  Use old string to pull it through, and tighten.  Properly.

Polish the frets.  Wow.  They're shiny underneath!  Lemon oil the fretboard.

Put the new strings on.  Tune it.  Stretch the strings and tune it again.

All good.

Back indoors, and there's the best part of an hour gone.

Didn't get to play the guitar after all ....

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Didn't get to play the guitar after all ....

I get that a lot lately :-/

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